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Small Embroidered Jacket from Mexico

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Item details

100% Wool
Bright Red

More about this item

 This is a listing for a Small Embroidered Jacket from Mexico. The label say "Guillermo Guevara Made in Mexico 100% wool". It is red with very colorful yarn embroidered cacti, hats, and people. The inside is fully lined with blue satiny fabric. It has 3 blue buttons and 2 pockets. It is in excellent condition.

Store TF CL1537 SAB

Dear steveandjoanna,

Chest 16 inches.
Shoulders 13 inches.
Sleeve length 16 inches.
Length 18 inches.

- elvenridge

From: steveandjoanna
To: elvenridge
Subject: Re: Shipping: steveandjoanna sent a message about Small Embroidered Jacket from Mexico #230711541135
Sent Date: Aug-30-13 06:25:06 PDT

Dear elvenridge,

Many thanks.
Please can you confirm the following measurements-
Sleeve length


- steveandjoanna