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Polar Sleigh Bell w Hand Folded Constructed Box Express made by Elf Works Lane

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THE INVENTORY IS IN!!!!  We are ready to ship!  See the photos with the bright green ribbon. That's the actual box you will receive.  No words, no stickers, no labels, no marks whatsoever so everyone will know they are truly elf made. 



2013 SUMMER HISTORY when we originally listed this item. 
Read below for some history, but know that we've been doing this elf work since 2004, when the movie first came out! For this year and next, we wanted to commemorate the decade that we've been doing this wonderful work by creating something that looked SO REAL, and that was 100% hand made - so that even the staunchest disbelievers would have to capitulate. We think this is it. The design of the box is as close as we could come. It's a top fitted lid, and 100% HAND FOLDED and ribbon HAND TIED. The photos shown here use a prototype ribbon - the actual ribbon will have a little wire on the edges for final adjusting under your tree, and will be a much more vibrant green color. We'll update this listing with photos when we have the beta prototype. This one was the alpha. We are planning on a limited production of these beauties this year, since it is all hand constructed and will take some time to build. For that reason, we're taking in pre-orders so we can more closely assess the demand for this model. Please pre-order and pay for this in advance. We will begin shipping in October and will complete shipments no later than Thanksgiving, so we all can go about having a stress free Christmas! Pre-ordering will guarantee you receive one (or more) of these limited production boxes, and will also give us an idea of how much material to order in advance. The measurements of the box are approximately 4 1/2 inches cubed including the height of the ribbon from the top of the box. No latches, nothing sticky, it opens simply and easily like a dream. Just a wonderful heirloom. 


A few years ago, Hallmark created their Polar Express bell - a very expensive collectible, that coincided with the release of 'The Polar Express'. Many families wanted to give the gift of a bell. I created this custom, hand-made alternative, here at Elvenridge, on Elfworks Lane, where I live. Accept no substitutes - I offer these bells again this year, at all different prices, to fit your budget. This is one of our top of the line bells, a real Polar sleigh bell, with leather strap, in a nice hand wrapped package, and a candy cane striped lid. The bell sits on a nest of 'reindeer snow'. Kids love these bells, and they were a big hit all across the world last year. Thanks for reading, and thanks for giving us elves an opportunity to help with your gift shopping! 

This is also a large bell - a whopping 50 mm - which means it exceeds the standards for size of round balls (not that this is exactly a round ball, since it has a 'tang' - that thing that projects and is used to tie a leather to or attach to a sleigh harness), but we like that it's large and safe for a child. HOWEVER, having said that, it is large and therefore HEAVY. So you still need to supervise, because if a young one decides to throw it across the room, you better DUCK. Better yet, don't let them throw it to begin with. Under any circumstances. The elves thank you for your perfect supervision. 

"As the head elf, I just want everyone to know that I have a special relationship with each and every bell and every package that leaves ElfWorksLane and goes into the world. Our gift recipients need to be delighted, or we will do everything in our power to make it so..."

There are no company logos or marks anywhere - so you and your loved one can be assured that these are authentically elf-made and not mass produced.

These make a great gift for any Polar Express Train / movie lover, OR for anyone who you wish to deliver the "BELIEVE" message to!

We have experience with large volumes also - these make thoughtful and fun handouts for company parties and special parties and events.

Check our store for many more options in bells - nickel chrome plated (silver color), rare gold plated, antique, large and small. We will be carrying a larger variety of bells this year than last year. Just click on the red door in any of our auction listings.

Read what prior years’ customers say:

"Happy New Year! Just thought I would tell you that BY FAR the bell is my son's favorite gift that Santa brought to him. (He is 6 1/2) He has shown everyone he knows and explains why it's so special... it's from the sleigh.... look at the engraving... look how it's worn... look at the leather & the box! We are so happy and want to thank you for your help! He has a friend who has the Hallmark version and even she was in awe at the -real- bell. Thanks again & happy new year to you and yours. "

"I know I left feedback but I wanted to share something with you. I ordered this bell for my 9 year old grandson because he asked Santa for a reindeer bell for Christmas, thanks to you it got here in time to Canada and it was the biggest hit for him. I read him the Polar Express on Christmas Eve and he said he asked Santa for a bell and wondered if it was silver or gold. Well Christmas morning he has so excited to get his SILVER bell. When asked even a week later what was the best Christmas present he got it is always 'the bell' over games, MP3 player, snowboard, everything! Thank you for making his Christmas so special, we can all believe!"

"My daughter got into the Polar Express a little late for the first bell that came out from Hallmark. Everything else just didn't live up to the expectations she had in her mind. One of the top things my daughter wanted for Christmas this year was the Polar Express Bell so I began the hunt. When I came across this bell it seemed too good to be true. I looked at it for weeks before I finally decided to buy it. I was apprehensive, I hadn't seen it, touched it or heard it. The reviews were all great, but would they stand up to my daughters dream. I ordered the bell less than two weeks before Christmas hoping it would at least arrive by Christmas Eve. I was shocked to get it in a few days and amazed when I opened the box. It is the most beautiful bell I have ever seen and the sound is truly amazing. My daughter loved it and has had it around her stuffed reindeer since Christmas morning. This bell is well worth the money for any child that wants to have a piece of the spirit of Christmas. You won't be sad you got it!" 

"My 9 soon to be 10 year old daughter is still talking about this special Christmas present. She tells everyone about that present when asked before she tells of any other presents she received. I love the little box it comes in. It was the 1st present she found under the tree on Christmas morning."

"Thank you, bell arrived today and I am very pleased with it ... probably the best packaging I have seen. "

"Received bell today. Absolutely perfect!! Thank you!!!"

"My children loved the bells! They even made a believer out of me! Thanks!!!"

"My son is still on air over this bell. Thank you for making such a special gift."

"My little boy LOVED it! He carried it around for days! Thank you!!!"

"My daughter loved receiving this. She even claims it smells of 'reindeer'."

"Truly the spirit of Christmas...both kids favorite gift. A+++++++"

"Awesome, thank you very, very much! This is such a beautiful idea, and will be a treasured keepsake for my boys. We just watched the movie for the first time this season, & my oldest son (6) asked about if there really was a polar express. I told him he'd have to check for his bell Christmas morning, wondering where I was going to get one. I found this looking for a new copy of the movie, which we have worn out. This will be so thrilling for them! You truly are one of Santa's elves. Thank you and a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours!"

"Indescribable! Awesome keepsake, great price and communication! Get one!"


"WOW - incredible bell...... kids best present....."

"My daughter (age 6) truly believes this is a bell from Santa's sleigh. Thanks!"

"This was the BEST Christmas gift I ever GAVE - Awesome Service - Quality is A+"

" I am the grandmother of the 9 year old boy that got his bell from you last Christmas and I thought I would give you a little update.....he took his bell out last week and shook it and asked his Mom if she could hear it and she said yes and he said he heard it too!!!! The gift goes on and it is still very special to him, I thought you might like to know I am still thrilled and it meant so much!! It will always be something he will remember!"

"Polar Sleigh Bell in I Believe Elf Deco Box: $XX.99....The Magic of Believing: PRICELESS. Thank You! "