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Cupcake gift box with choice of Specific Dog Breed Letters A to C Topper

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Item details

Dog Breeds
  • Belgian Tervuren (1 in stock)
  • Akita Gray (1 in stock)
  • Bedlington Terrier (1 in stock)
  • Australian Shepherd Blue (2 in stock)
  • Bearded Collie (1 in stock)
  • American Fox Hound (1 in stock)
  • Australian Cattle Dog Red (2 in stock)
  • Alaskan Malamute (1 in stock)
  • Bulldog White (1 in stock)
  • Australian Shepherd Brown (1 in stock)
  • Bulldog Brindle (1 in stock)
  • Afghan Hound - Tan and White (1 in stock)
  • Borzoi (1 in stock)
  • Akita Fawn (1 in stock)
  • Australian Cattle Dog Blue (2 in stock)
  • Beagle (1 in stock)
  • Basset Hound (1 in stock)
  • Afghan Hound - Black and White (1 in stock)
  • Basenji (1 in stock)
  • Boston Terrier (1 in stock)
  • American Eskimo Standard (2 in stock)
  • Australian Shepherd Tricolor/D... (1 in stock)

More about this item

These are SO cute and very popular in our brick and mortar shop.  The cupcake is empty and you can place inside a nice small  prezzie - candies, a ring, jewelry - whatever little fun gift you can think of!  The lid has the breed of dog you specify.  This is a new listing and I'm still building it and others for breeds later in the alphabet,  so it will take a while to put all the breeds and their photos up, so if you don't see yours, just write me and ask if we have it. 

We also sell cats, domestic farm animals and safari animals and  we can ship any of these to you, so let us know what you need and we'll do our best to help! 



1- Afgan (Black/White) - 1 
1- Basset Hound -1 
1- Beagle 
1- Autralian Shepard (Red Docked Tail)  
1- Alaskan Malamute 
1 - Puggle 
1 - Akita Fawn 
2 - Australian Cattle Dog Blue
1 - Australian Shepard (Brown) 
1 - Afgan (Brown/Tan) 
1 - Bedlington Terrier 
2 - Australian Shepard Blue 
1 - Belgian Tervuren 
1 - Akita (Gray)
2 - Australian Shepard Red
1 - Australian Shepard (Tri Docked Tail) 
1 - Bearded Collie 


1 - American Foxhound 
1 - Basenji 

1- bulldog white
1 - bulldog brindle 
1 - boston terrier
1 - puggle 
1 - borzoi