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Candy skull tie dyed scarf color choice gauzy lightweight 67" L 39" W

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More about this item

Great lightweight scarf, long and wide with plenty of fabric to wrap around however you choose. Great creative patterns.

NOTE: The tan one has some flaws/holes so make your offer on that one accordingly. NO RETURNS on this item.

"Our elves do their best to describe the COLORS they see, given the age of their eyes, and the technical digitization tools at their disposal. HOWEVER, even color is subjective. We recently had someone disagree with our description of 'brick red', despite the fact that bricks DO come in different shades. SO, for that reason, and because eyes, computers, smart phones, and personal opinions affect shades and hues - we will NOT accept returns under ANY circumstances because you disagree with how we describe the shade of the color. You might think it's more purple than blue, but color is subjective, and we all use different scales to judge color (Pantone, etc.). SO NO RETURNS BASED ON COLOR."

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