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Our Great Inventory GIVEAWAY

http://kck.st/2F89odEYou may have heard or read that we are giving away our entire inventory.  We have been publishing a flyer that looks like this: 


Yes, you read that correctly.  We’re trying to close down our business.  Why?  We are evolving into something more exciting, more fun, and more inspirational than selling STUFF to people.  So, we want to give the stuff away.  How?  Head over to our Kickstarter and make a pledge.  Pledge $10 or more and nominate a friend, or friends, to pledge $10 too and nominate a friend.  And so on.  Even if your friend only donates a dollar, you’ll get a free gift in the category you choose.  You just have to let us know who you nominated, in the comments section of the Kickstarter.  You can also find details at our facebook pages for Elf Works Lane, where you can share the info with your friends and family.

No credit cards are charged for 30 days, and ONLY if we reach our goal.  But some of the items in our inventory are fantastic.  When we reach our goal, before we send you your “perk”, we’ll ask you what category of item in our inventory you’d like FOR FREE.  Could be candles, clothing, jewelry, ornaments, you name it – the whole inventory must go.

Find our Kickstarter here:  Elf Works Pop Up Community.  Videos on all this can be found on our facebook pages too. Help support our work, and get some free stuff at the same time.  In addition, if you share this news with others who donate, you could win a FREE 14 night retreat at our retreat center here in the Mid-Hudson Valley, New York.  See the details of that contest on the updates for the kickstarter page.  Thank you for your time.


SO YES, it is true. We believe it’s more important to love people and use stuff, than to love stuff and use people. So we’re giving it all away.  If you want first dibs on items that are going to be gone very soon, best to purchase them now.  OR get them for FREE with a donation to the Kickstarter.  Either way, this stuff is not going to last.