Elf Works Lane

where the holiday season never ends

Meet the Elves

Meet the elves:



Hana -  I feel so lucky to have been introduced to this hidden gem of a shop — and to have become a part of it is a dream come true! With life being the way it is, it can be difficult to find a job one can feel secure in. Just out of high school, I’m not sure what events are in store for me, but I do know one thing: Here at Elf Works, there will always be a place for me.

Debbie - I lost a job after chance 32 years of service and really didn’t know what to do for a living. Elf Works Lane gave me a to try something new by listing items for the business.

Becca - After moving back to the US after several years abroad, I am able to begin saving for Grad school while helping my family. It’s great working here.

Gloria - I flitter around the county helping the homeless, people that are trying to recover from alcoholism or drug addiction, abusive relationships or bad situations like job loss or home loss from disasters. The reason I work with Elf Works Lane is because their mission is the same as mine.

Jenna - I moved back to the area for a short time due to an illness in my immediate family. Elf Works helped me bring in a small stream of income while I was away from my regular job to be there for my family at a difficult time. I will always be grateful for that.

Mark - Working here is helping me pay for my education!

Ilya - I am working here to make enough money for a car to get me around and to be able to make payments in the future.

Ilmira - Working at Elf Works helps me have my own pocket money and to get out of the house. Here I make my own schedule and am free to work the hours I like.

Jodi - I love working at Elf Works! I’m able to work as often as I’d like and I can choose my own hours. Also, having a hearing impairment, Elf Works allows me to work with kind and patient people. It’s also a pleasant and non-stressful environment where we all help each other and work together as a team.

Kate - I love working for Elf Works because it feels like Christmas all the time! It has also allowed me the chance to work at a job I am prod of and excited about.

Denise - Susan and Elf Works are a godsend. My husband and I are struggling with our own small business and worried about losing our home. Elf Works gives me flexible hours and a chance to use my photography and writing skills, while helping us pay for our 2 wonderful German shepherds and tabby cat, Kato.

Randi - We are a homeschool family of five who live in rural Southeast Missouri.  Everyone helps when creating our wooden crafts!  All products are hand crafted individually, so they won’t be exactly the same.  We love that being independent contractors because it allows my husband and I do have more time with our children.  We are currently working toward paying off debt so we can go into missions full time.

Ivan - Since I started working for Elf Work Lane in 2014, I have found a great outlet for my creativity and work ethic. Working here allows me to support myself through college because of the remote work opportunities and it is great to come home to a fulfilling job during breaks.

Rachel  - I loved the people at my previous job, but it was a dead end and I knew I couldn’t stay stay there without giving up on my dreams. Since working part-time at Elf Works, I have met some wonderful folks and strengthened my skillset while also having the opportunity and flexibility to study from home to begin a new career.

Tori - I love working at Elf Works! I spent my whole life working at a variety of horse farms. However, after being required to quit my job at the horse barn, due to many health issues, I was left bored and without a job. Working at Elf Works allows me to make money for college, gets me out of the house and brings a smile to my face. I love the job and it gives me mental and physical stimulation as I have to be constantly standing up and down and solving new problems. I truly am blessed to have this job.

Clarisse - I hand draw the elves on all our outgoing packages!!!  I love creating works of art. 

Jess After being laid off in 2012, I have been unable to find steady work that allows me to continue to be a care giver for my USAF Retired disabled hubby. So this job has meant that I am able to pitch in when groceries are needed and it’s keeping the lights on!! I am SO grateful!!

Suzanna - I was born an Elf, just didn’t know it till 10 years ago when I found this place.  Sometimes I am a small factory.  I am an artist, Ceramicist, teacher, gardener, Domestic Engineer, wife, and Auntie.

Karin I came to the US in 1997, married and divorced with no other income other than a small pension from Germany, and a small income from here.  I have been knitting since I was 5 years old and it is my passion, hobby and source of some additional needed income.  I’m 75 years old and I hope to be able to knit a few more years!  I hope you like my pieces!

Susan  As the Chief Elf Officer, I am the keeper and guardian of our work space.  I started the elf workshop after it became clear that corporate America had no further use for me.  I now refuse to ever again update a resume, in recognition that it is a broken process. I search for broken models – for instance, we sell good quality used clothing and PAY people in our communities for their pieces.  The non profits don’t do that.  We like giving back to others.    Our mission here is to create jobs for people in need who might otherwise not fit in or be able to find a “traditional” job.  Our philosophy is one of creating the job to match the skills of the worker, not the other way around.  My management style is collaborative, the way you’d organize a hospital emergency room team.  Our policy in conducting business takes into consideration the United Nations Human Rights in Business document, as well as the First Nations philosophy of consideration of seven generations in our decisions.  I am of ancestral lineage Tulpewihaki Little Turtle Tribe and have been baptized as a toddler in the Susquehannock. 

We encourage you to shop local wherever and whenever possible.  You will save the lives of many trees, or "one leggeds", as we call them here.