Elf Works Lane

where the holiday season never ends


We have a project where we are in need of experienced stitchers.  You might be talented with a sewing machine.  You may be talented with hand sewing.  We have a project where we have a “kit” that we would like to send our sewing experts, which includes the materials, the pattern, the thread, the tools needed (except for a sewing machine) to create an stuffed animal for us.  You’ll ship it back with an open seam so we may stuff it here.  We’ll ship you everything you need, and we’ll send you a shipping label to send it back, so there is no out of pocket expense for you.  Once we receive your finished product, we’ll send you a payment according to what you feel is fair.  And, if your work is terrific, we’ll send you another project, if you would like to continue on.  If interested, please contact us at elfworks2@gmail.com OR call Susan, the Chief Elf Officer at 845.485.5202.