Elf Works Lane

where the holiday season never ends

GOT CLOTHES? Read this.

One of the business models we felt was broken was the “donate your clothing to the non-profits, or trade in for new stuff” model.  We saw people getting exorbitantly rich (even at the helm of a non-profit), and while the non-profits might have started out with good intentions, the view from our workshop was that these old models had devolved into something very broken, when upper management was getting rich and the workers at the bottom were barely making ends meet and pretty miserable in the process of performing the work. 

We PAY people for their clothing here.   It needs to be good label, good condition, and clean.  We like that people can leave here with grocery money in their pockets.  We then take the clothing and use it to create new jobs for people in need.   

If you feel you have something you’d like to send us, send a note to us at elfworks2@gmail.com.  We’ll get right back to you with information about details on how we can pay you.   Even if you are across the country, we can send a prepaid label for you to ship it.   We’ll examine the pieces, and pay you for each one we keep and can use.  We’ll donate to a non profit agency anything we cannot use.  It’s an easy way to get a little cash for your good condition used items, with no further obligations, and help us create more jobs for people in need of flexible work conditions, all over the country.  We pay everyone above minimum wage, always have and always will.