Elf Works Lane

where the holiday season never ends

Get PAID CASH and Be an ELF!

It’s our own referral program, NEW for 2018! 

How does it work? 

Order any item or items from our web site at elfworkslane.com.  When we ship your order, you will receive 10 cards with your own personal CODE on the card.  Your name and address are entered into our tracking system.  Hand out your cards to your besties – and when they make a purchase by CALLING US DIRECTLY (or texting – texts work too!) at 845.505.5868 – and give us the CODE on your card – their order will be tracked and YOU will get a check in the amount of 25% of your friend’s order, to say thanks for the referral.  When their order ships to them, they’ll get their own cards to share.  When THEIR friends order, they’ll get a 25% payment AND you will get another 5% payment for those orders!  

WHY are we doing this? 

Two reasons – first — it will help us grow.  AND second — for years, we paid other online platforms exhorbitant fees which reduced our profits, and caused many many sellers to compete with each other for sales by encouraging them to constantly reduce sales prices, all the while driving some out of business – AND served to just make those online sales platforms bigger and bigger.  We’ve come to the conclusion that distributing the profits back to the people makes more sense than making an already too big company even bigger.  

So that’s why we’re doing this.  We are really looking forward to making everyone’s holidays just a little brighter.  So THANK YOU TO YOU – our very loyal — and new — customers.