Elf Works Lane

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Fan Mail

Our most recent new fan writes:

“I recently received two orders I placed with Elf Works Lane through Bonanza (order xxx and yyy to customer ZAxxx).

I am very happy with the service, the products, the packaging, and the mission behind Elf Works Lane. Here are my compliments:

(1) First, I am happy to find a company that also has a higher mission to be of service to the greater good. It’s one thing to be a company. It’s a magical, important thing to be a company with heart, who makes a difference in real people’s lives.

(2) I am also happy to find company that often sells items that are special or inspiring. The product I ordered is an enameled Serenity Prayer sign, and it makes a perfect gift of hope and love to people who are important to me.

(3) I have special applause for the people who are doing the packaging for mailing. The product I ordered is small, thin metal signs to hang on a wall. I have ordered similar things from other companies, and they have always arrived in just a padded envelope. Sometimes they were bent, or had damaged corners. However, the wonderful packaging/shipping people at Elf Works Lane took the time to put my orders into small, sturdy cardboard boxes. The little signs arrived in perfect, safe condition – not a scratch or bend on them! I know this took you a little extra time and expense to do, and you took the kind of personal care that I really appreciate.

I will always be looking at Elf Works Lane for special things to order. You are wonderful, you matter to me, and I am one of your fans.

Thank you so much -

Z.A. from Washington State "