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ELF BUCKS - A Sharing System

We adore our supporters – those who acknowledge our work and support our workshop through purchases of our items, curated especially to support those who are trying to support themselves.  SO we now have a program to also say thank you to you, our loyal elf fans! 

We are creating our own elf workshop monetary system – Elf Bucks! 

When you purchase anything from us on etsy, ebay, amazon or elfworkslane.com, we will reward you with ONE Elf Buck for every ten dollars you spend.  You can accumulate these.  They have no expiration. 

They are transferrable.  You can gift them away.  They are fun to display on your refrigerator with your favorite fridge magnet!  It helps you tell the story of the elf workshop to your friends and family when they ask about them! 

Each Elf Buck has a code, so once they are used, they can not be used again, unless we recirculate them here. As elves, we naturally know at any point in time who has which Elf Buck, since they all have special elf codes.

They are ONLY redeemable by shopping at elfworkslane.com.  They are not redeemable through purchases on other platforms (i.e. a purchase at ebay or amazon or etsy won’t be sufficient to redeem them – they can only be redeemed via elfworkslane.com purchases).

You can receive US Dollars in exchange for Elf Bucks, by Venmo, PayPal, or cash!  Or you may receive a refund for a purchase (up to the amount you paid only).

Instructions for how to redeem will be sent with all Elf Bucks!  Watch for them with your purchased items! 

Questions?  Email the Chief Elf at elfworks2@gmail.com!